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Our bikes are inspired on European style
City Cruiser bikes mainly ridden in cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam,
Florence, Barcelona and Stockholm; they are the product of our research and
have been adapted to the Australian market, they are fitted with 6
gears, wide white wall tyres and a super wide saddle to provide you with a
comfortable, smooth and enjoyable experience.

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    We strongly recommend you have your bike assembled by a proper Bike Mechanic

    Basic recommendations on how to Look after your Bike

    • Do check your breaks and tyres’s pressure, make sure breaks work properly & tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure before and every time you go for a ride.
    • Do regularly check every nuts & Bolts on your bike (and do them up tightly).
    • Do regularly polish Nuts, Bolts & Chrome on your Bike with CHROME POLISH.
    • Avoid leaving your Bike outside overnight.
    • Do regularly clean your Bike with Proper CAR WASH Detergent, avoid the use of a household detergent as it may deteriorate your bike.
    • Don't leave your Bike outside in the rain, dew, dampness, salt spray, dust and direct sunlight.
    • Always wipe your Bike with a cloth, after it has been in the rain.
    • Remember and keep always in mind that the length of the useful life cycle of your bike will vary depending on the type of bike, riding conditions and care the bicycle receives. Riding in severe conditions or climates, riding with heavy loads or any other non-standard use can substantially shorten the useful product life cycle.

    We strongly recommend you have your bike assembled by a proper Bike Mechanic